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Morning at the Farm

The kids whined as they walked down the pavement. Little Charlie was the loudest, trying to climb away from the heat. Finally, Mommy picked him up to keep from losing her skirt. At the top of the hill, they could see the old homestead spread out before them.

“Mommy, what’s that?” Emily asked

Charlie wiggled in Mommy’s arms. Shifting the toddler to her other hip, she looked up. The worn structure stood like a sentinel next to the driveway, the wood still firm. Emily had never seen anything quite like it.

“It’s a well house.”

“Like a wishing well?” The little girl was excited.

“No. This is a real one you get water out of. See the bucket? ” Mommy then saw the dress hanging on the nail with the camera next to it, a photo shoot. “Although it does look like someone was wishing for something.”

“Like a cowboy?”

Mommy laughed, but before she could say anything two women in t-shrts and shorts ran up the driveway.

“Oh, excuse us.” The taller one said as she grabbed the dress. “We didn’t think anyone else was here.”

“No problem,” Mommy replied. “We’re just looking around.”

“I’m Jane.” said the woman with camera and, “And that’s Jenny.” The other girl nodded.

Emily piped up. “Are you playing dress-up?”

“Sort of,” Jenny said as she gathered her long blond hair into a ponytail. “I’m having a model shoot to build my portfolio.”

“What’s a ‘folio?” The little girl asked.

“It’s like a book where you show people what you’ve done to get jobs.” She slipped the dress over her head and tugged the tail so it laid square along her spine.

“Ooh. You look like Elsa.” Emily squealed.

The woman with the camera laughed. “I hadn’t thought of that, had you, Jenny?”

“No, but, thank you.” The taller girl checked her hair in a compact. “I’m just playing a farm girl today. Is Frozen your favorite movie?”


“Are you kind and rewind it when you’re finished?” Jenny asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“Huh?” Confusion flooded across Emily’s face. “Rewind? What’s that?”

“I’m old enough to know about that.” Mommy giggled. “These days, it’s point and click.”

The two women nodded but the little girl was still lost.

“So, what is it?”

Mommy put her hand under her daughter’s chin.

“When I was a little girl, we watched movies on VHS tapes we’d get at the store. You had to rewind them when you got finished. We had a little machine that would do it fo us.”

A rooster crowed out beyond the barn and everyone took it as a cue to leave. The women strolled out into the pasture where they had a picnic blanket laid out. Mommy and the kids walked toward the farmhouse and and sat on the stairs to watch them work.

“This is better than the movies.” Emily

Mommy agreed.

Road Trip

The car sat in the apartment parking lot. The huge, white mass of metal only cost $300. I did put a new carb on it, but the Ninety Eight was pretty clean and ran well otherwise. And it had the racing 455 in it. I don’t think that old hippie I bought it off of knew that. One of my friends had put an old guitar pick on a string and hung it from the rear view mirror. I thought that was a nice touch, since I was learning how to play. And now, I was going on my first solo road trip with my first car.

It was 6:00 AM and the traffic was as light as my mood. First stop: Tybee Island. The beach awaited me with its lovely ladies and good clubs. Slowing down for road construction, I wonder why freeways never got finished. Finally, I am on 75 south and picking up speed. Macon appears and disappears quickly as I transition on to 16. Now let’s see what this car can do.

Turning out onto Holcomb Bridge, the anticipation of the open road and the celebration of my mis-spent youth awaited me. The exits slip away. Sgoda Road. Dry Branch. Cochran. Dublin. The last State Patrol post for the next 100 miles comes up on the right. Yep. Now is the time. The Olds slowly picks up speed. It isn’t a drag car, but it seemed to accelerate forever. Looking down, I’ve buried the spedo. The Malibu never got up this high. I decide to test that with a flying mile.

Passing post 56, I begin counting. One, one thousand. Two, one thousand…

I figure I am doing about 115. The car is a handful. The shocks on this tub were pretty worn out and the front end bobbed like a porpoise. I didn’t care. I was nineteen and as immortal as Lazarus. I could handle anything the car could throw at me. I had brought a ham sandwich with me to eat along the way. Quite a feeling chomping away while pecan groves and onion fields flash by.

In what seems a too short of time, the 95 interchange comes into view. I ease the car down. The exit to my Uncle’s house is coming up. I was happy. Everything was running good.

Blue lights filled the rear view mirror.

Oh, crap. I pull over. The State Patrolman unfolded himself out of the slicktop and strode towards the car. I make sure my hands are visible as I sweat hard in the South Georgia sun.

“Son. I need to see your license and proof of insurance.”

“Yes, Sir.” I give him the documents.

“Did you know you were going 76 in a 55 mile per hour zone, Son?”

“Oh, no Sir. I must have not been paying attention.” I take a very deep breath.

“I will have to write you a citation.” He said.

“That is fine, Sir.” Inwardly, I thank God this wasn’t 20 miles up the road. I would be in the back of that cruiser.

“Here you go. Sign here and please slow down. I just cleaned up a wreck with kid about your age yesterday. “

I sign the ticket. He gets back into the slicktop and disappears off the next exit. This is going to be one hell of a trip.

Gone Fishin’ (Blogophilia 13.14)

“K-9, I honestly don’t know why we stopped here. There is no intelligent life to be found.”

The group has decided to take a break. Or as rock bands call it, a “hiatus”.

I can understand that. Fourteen years is a long time for a gig to run. I’ve been writing for thirteen of them. Week in and week out, I waited for the notification of the prompts. Some people like Crosswords. I like to build Flash Fiction (mostly).

Early on, I did a lot of parody and I often used cartoon characters as guides.

But when I look back, I don’t believe I used Marvin or K-9 in a blog.

I’ve had long serial stories and built some cool characters. Whether it was Jeremy the Bomber, Kari the Death Angel, or Harry Handy, these things would live in my head waiting for their stories to be told. I’ve always gone for the ordinary and the broken people normally ignored in most fiction. We don’t need another fit, curvy blonde. I’d rather have an overweight redhead with a balding, paunchy husband who struggle together in love.

So what’s up for the summer? The garden in the new house is coming up.

There are a couple of construction projects that need to be done. No travel until the fall. Then I’m going to Florida for a week.

It should be fun.


Pic guesses- Five tone theme, Close encounters, No intelligent life (in blog), alien abduction, space, after the gold rush, all in a dream

One thing: Who is your favorite character or series of mine? I’d like to know.

Amanda Jo (Blogophilia 11.14)

Red with curl
I will always
Remember you as
I wandered past the horses
You were such a precocious
Child, vulnerable to the whims
Of mercurial parents. Why? I refuse
To answer that question on the grounds
That I don’t know the answer.
All I know is years have
Passed since you launched
Into the sea
That we call
Sort of


Topic: Dave Coon

Pic: Heather Blomquist

PIc Guesses: Trail, Primrose path, favorite places, the woods, wide way, quietitude, greenery, hiking, on the way.

Another Day on the Darkside (Blogophilia 10.14)

Marty Mammon, Senior Demon Director of Compliance for Devil’s Quill, is in his office in a non-descript building outside Arlington, VA.


“It’s a great day in Hell. Marty Mammon, here. How may I inconvenience you?”

“Oh hey, Dick. How are things. Really? Maker is ramping up his orders? I can’t say I’m surprised. But, mark my words, He’ll change his mind once the Moaning Karens get loud enough. I’ve seen the cycle too many times.”

Yes, I did start the new Scarcity Script. Early indications are good. Gas tanks are going dry all up the East Coast. No. It isn’t related to Zuck’s Covid one from last year. We had a demon called Afreet write it. What’s an Afreet? You remember the Aladdin story, right? One of those. He owed us wishes. No, no threats. He was more than happy to run up some evil magic. I’ve never understood what Afreets had against mortals. That grudge is from before my time and never written down.

Oh, Yeah. Sandy Wrath borrowed Afreet for a Maker Industries project, but I have no idea what he had in mind. What’s that ? Ouch. I guess we should have seen that coming, with the damage those Center Space Mortals have done since the 3.16 project. Would the Scarcity Script work in conjunction with Wrath’s deal? I make no promises, but if Maker Industries wants to go there we certainly can. I mean, we’ve done effective take out projects in the area before and every failed experiment is one step closer to success.”

“Yeah, I’ll keep you posted on any new developments and see you Tuesday at the status meeting.”



Topic-Dahlia Ramone

Pic-Colleen Keller Breunig

Pic guesses: Serenade, comfort, buddies, captive audience, on the stoop, evening.

For those of you new to the blog, here is the full list of Devil’s Quill pieces for your enjoyment:

Gold Branch (Blogophilia 9.14)

It’s funny, the notification for this week’s writing assignment came in while I was entering my favorite hiking spot.

150 acres of hardwood paradise two miles from the new house. I’ve been hiking this trail for years.

If you follow me on Facebook , Blogger and Instagram, you’ll recognize some of the places. Like The Point, which is about a mile down from the trail head.

You can come down to river to pray.

And ponder the meaning of life here by calm waters.

The name came from the discovery of gold north of here in 1828.

However, the glittery things by the water is Fool’s Gold.

Further down the trail, you round a point along the river bank where you can hear the sounds of the Rowing Club practicing there strokes.

An excellent place to leave the world behind.

I’ll be writing about more of the hikes around here as I go along.


Topic (By the water)- Lissa Fallon

Pic-Dave Coon

Pic guesses: Calm (in blog), lone tree, skiff, fishing, flat boat, still water.

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