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Dockside Cafe Part 4 (Blogophilia 38.13)

The key dongle produces a satisfying click and I’m in. I’m glad the guy was professional and didn’t screw the lock up. The hall looked normal, no footprints or smudges on the concrete. He was careful for sure. Looking each way, I ease towards my place. What I found suprised me. The visitor wasn’t coming to see me after all.

The door across the hall was hanging on one hinge. The apartment belonged to a woman named Delores. Some would call her fat: nice breasts with a slight belly roll, chocolate almond eyes, and a snaggly smile. Her background was one you didn’t talk about in public-learned her skills early and used them often. She’d told me once about a couple of pimps who ended up swiss cheese. The details were vague other than she didn’t physically do it.
I could see stuff scattered on the floor around the sofa. They were looking for something. I hang an ear to see if I could hear anybody.

I didn’t.

Shutting my door, I say a prayer of gratitude. It wasn’t my circus and not a monkey I’d claim. I’m more into Snoopy and falling leaves.

It does prove this city is what it is because the citizens are what they are.

And so is every place else. All you have to do is watch the evening news.

The project envelope lands on the kitchen table with a thud next to a moldy cheese ball. I’ve got to clean this place up. The drinks had wore off, leaving me with a headache. I wonder what the price of Advil stock is? I certainly was doing my part to keep it up.


Great. The food’s gone, too. What’s in the fridge? A chunk of cheddar and some apple slices that weren’t too brown. That’ll do. I grab them and a beer. Glancing at the clock, i realize it is almost midnight. Like Pavlov’s Dog, I’m too tired to eat. I put everything back and slump into the bedroom.

Is there anything lonelier than a king sized bed for one?

I’ll deal with the project tomorrow.


Topic-Jay Sole

The quote is attributed to Plato.

Pic-Christine Wichman

Pic Guesses- Snoopy (in blog), Falling leaves (in blog) Autumn, Bike Ride, Orange and Red, Breezy

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So, I'm late putting up a profile. Sue me. I'm an ex-government drone making his way in the world.

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