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Valentine Day Breakfast at the Morris’ (Blogophilia 50.13)

It was such a lovely dream. The path was lined with pancakes dotted with bacon trees. The smell was wonderful and it was making her hungry. Soon she felt herself float upward toward the surface of awake. A shriek made her break the surface. Charlie was pounding on his high chair and laughing. Mommy was trying to feed him. He was probably only in his diaper because he made such a big mess.

Emily sat up. The sun sort of blinded her. She blinked a couple of times then she could see. Her room hadn’t change, but the smells from her dream were still there. Ooh, it’s Valentine’s Day. There was usually something special for breakfast on day like this. Emily popped off the bed without looking at the mirror and ran into the kitchen. Her red hair looked like she’d stuck her finger in a light socket.

Charlie saw her come in and pounded on the high chair top. His face was half covered in cereal, spilling out over his bare chest. They all looked at him, which made him get louder.

“Charlie!” Emily tried to put her hands over his mouth, but he wiggled away. “That’s too loud.”

“He’s just a baby, Emmy.” Daddy was in his chair at the end of the table in his t-shirt and pajamas. “They all do that.”

She flung her arms around him, burying her head into his neck. There was some lavender mixed with his normal smell.

“Morning, Daddy. Mmm. You smell kind of like Mommy.”

“Good Morning, Sweetheart.” He pulled her back, spread back the mass of red curls and gave her a peck on the cheek. “How’s my Valentine?”

Emily giggled and pointed to the big pink smear on his face. “Daddy, is that lipstick?”

“Yes it is, Emmy.” Mommy grinned as she put a glass of orange juice in front of her. She was still in her long t-shirt and Emmy noticed Mommy kind of smelled like him, too. “He’s my Valentine.”

Daddy’s grin was even bigger. “She beats being stationed at Minot, North Dakota.”

“Cowboy.” Mommy batted her eyes. “Are you saying I’m prettier than some cargo plane?”

Ooh, she only calls him that when she’s really mad or really mushy.

“Kathy Simpson.” Daddy mustered his most serious face. “Yes you are and a lot warmer. Coming home to you was the reason I put up with the Military.”

Mommy must have liked that because she leaned down and kissed Daddy full on the lips. Her t-shirt was loose and Emmy could almost see in. They held it for a long time. It was better than a movie scene where you could tell the two people didn’t like each other. They were feeling each other like they were something precious. They didn’t need movies. They had each other.

When they were finished, Mommy served plates piled high with a heart pancake topped with strawberries and pieces of bacon. They looked so good even Charlie reached out for one. Mommy tore one into small pieces and laid it out for him to grab.

Emily squealed. “I was had a dream where the road was pancakes and the trees were bacon.” She took a sip out of her glass. “And now I know why.”

Mommy and Daddy looked at each other. They understood.

“Emmy,” Daddy said. “Could you say the Grace for us before we eat?”

“Sure.” Emily brightened even more. She didn’t get to say it much so it was a treat. She bent her head an waited for everyone to be ready.

“Thank you, God, For the love of Mommy and Daddy, for the yummy food Mommy made, the sunny day outside, and a good day for us all. Amen.”

Charlie shreiked again but Mommy was impressed. “What do you think, Jimmy? Did she do a good job?”

“Fantastic.” Daddy agreed between bites. He dabbed his mouth with a napkin. “Kathy, did you think in your heart of hearts we’d end up with these good kids?”

She smiled. “Well, we didn’t promise ourselves a rose garden when we started, but I think we got one.” Then changing the subject slightly. “Speaking of which, I need to prune the ones out front. Emmy, would you like to help?


“Put your dish in the sink, get dressed, and pick up your room.” Mommy took a sip of her coffee. “By the time you do that, I should be ready.”


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Pic guesses: Smear (in blog), lips (in blog), kiss (in blog), trouble, evidence, fun time, lipstick (in blog), sign of love

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