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Gone Fishin’ (Blogophilia 13.14)

“K-9, I honestly don’t know why we stopped here. There is no intelligent life to be found.”

The group has decided to take a break. Or as rock bands call it, a “hiatus”.

I can understand that. Fourteen years is a long time for a gig to run. I’ve been writing for thirteen of them. Week in and week out, I waited for the notification of the prompts. Some people like Crosswords. I like to build Flash Fiction (mostly).

Early on, I did a lot of parody and I often used cartoon characters as guides.

But when I look back, I don’t believe I used Marvin or K-9 in a blog.

I’ve had long serial stories and built some cool characters. Whether it was Jeremy the Bomber, Kari the Death Angel, or Harry Handy, these things would live in my head waiting for their stories to be told. I’ve always gone for the ordinary and the broken people normally ignored in most fiction. We don’t need another fit, curvy blonde. I’d rather have an overweight redhead with a balding, paunchy husband who struggle together in love.

So what’s up for the summer? The garden in the new house is coming up.

There are a couple of construction projects that need to be done. No travel until the fall. Then I’m going to Florida for a week.

It should be fun.


Pic guesses- Five tone theme, Close encounters, No intelligent life (in blog), alien abduction, space, after the gold rush, all in a dream

One thing: Who is your favorite character or series of mine? I’d like to know.

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So, I'm late putting up a profile. Sue me. I'm an ex-government drone making his way in the world.

12 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’ (Blogophilia 13.14)

  1. Congrats on your new home, and that’s definitely a great start to a garden! I’m really going to miss the weekly challenges, so I hope and pray Marvin returns after a summer break! I love Harry Handy and I adore the Devil’s Quill series. You’re such an amazing writer, Chris! You should think about publishing a book on the hiatus…just sayin! 😉

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  2. I always think of K-9 as the tin dog computer in Doctor Who. I hadn’t blogged with you guys that long. I think 9 years now. But I do remember hearing all about you from another blogger back during MySpace. I think they just disappeared after MySpace.


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