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Gone Fishin’ (Blogophilia 13.14)

“K-9, I honestly don’t know why we stopped here. There is no intelligent life to be found.” The group has decided to take a break. Or as rock bands call it, a “hiatus”. I can understand that. Fourteen years is a long time for a gig to run. I’ve been writing for thirteen of them.Continue reading “Gone Fishin’ (Blogophilia 13.14)”

Amanda Jo (Blogophilia 11.14)

HairCarrotRed with curlI will alwaysRemember you as I wandered past the horsesYou were such a precociousChild, vulnerable to the whimsOf mercurial parents. Why? I refuseTo answer that question on the groundsThat I don’t know the answer.All I know is years havePassed since you launchedInto the seaThat we callSort ofLife. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Topic: Dave Coon Pic: HeatherContinue reading “Amanda Jo (Blogophilia 11.14)”

Another Day on the Darkside (Blogophilia 10.14)

Marty Mammon, Senior Demon Director of Compliance for Devil’s Quill, is in his office in a non-descript building outside Arlington, VA. “Rrrngg.” “It’s a great day in Hell. Marty Mammon, here. How may I inconvenience you?” “Oh hey, Dick. How are things. Really? Maker is ramping up his orders? I can’t say I’m surprised. But,Continue reading “Another Day on the Darkside (Blogophilia 10.14)”

Gold Branch (Blogophilia 9.14)

It’s funny, the notification for this week’s writing assignment came in while I was entering my favorite hiking spot. 150 acres of hardwood paradise two miles from the new house. I’ve been hiking this trail for years. If you follow me on Facebook , Blogger and Instagram, you’ll recognize some of the places. Like TheContinue reading “Gold Branch (Blogophilia 9.14)”

Podium (Blogophilia 8.14)

Oh, Darling Please believe me I saw you on the podium In a proud moment of your life Ready to take on the world On your own terms Only to find out You can’t take it with you. So, dance with me in the sun And laugh. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Topic-Craig Fallon Pic Dahlia Ramone Pic guesses:Continue reading “Podium (Blogophilia 8.14)”

A Walk at the Farm (Blogophlia 7.14)

I recently moved to a new home adjacent to one of the units of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. With immediate access to almost 20 miles of trail, It is paradise to a day hiker like me. But the coolest place to hike isn’t on Federal land. It is Hyde Farm , a CobbContinue reading “A Walk at the Farm (Blogophlia 7.14)”

New Place (Blogophilia 4.14)

New place shining Paradise on a hill Something told me You have to keep on the move. This is not sunshine and daisies The big bad wolf lives next door. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Topic-Colleen Bruenig Keller Pic Christine Whicman Pic Guesses: Daisy, Bee, Spring, Pollen, seed, Stamens, Pistil, green, life

Tom Rose (Blogophilia 3.14)

A quarter moon had begun to rise over the fallow fields. Four hours since his last stop according to his watch. His endurance was getting better. When he started, he couldn’t last two. Was this North Dakota or South? He didn’t care as long as it wasn’t Atlanta. The place had gotten to big, tooContinue reading “Tom Rose (Blogophilia 3.14)”

Goldi (Blogophilia 2.14)

I swear, if Toons don’t kill me, Studio executives will. My name is Valliant. Eddie Valliant. I’m one of those Private Investigators you read about in the papers. For the last twenty years I’ve worked in the entertainment industry as a “Fixer”, on retainer to the biggest studios in Hollywood, bridging the gaps between ManContinue reading “Goldi (Blogophilia 2.14)”

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